Victory Announcement: Sushant Abrol's Triumph in Nexa Presents the Spotlight

Victory Announcement: Sushant Abrol's Triumph in Nexa Presents the Spotlight

01 September 2023, Mumbai

Celebrating Emerging Fashion Talent at Nexa and Lakmé Fashion Week
In a dynamic collaboration between Nexa, Lakmé Fashion Week, and the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), designer Sushant Abrol and his label Countrymade have emerged victorious in the esteemed fashion design competition, "Nexa Presents the Spotlight.

A Prize of Recognition and Support for Abrol's Vision
Positioned at the focal point of the accompanying photograph, Sushant Abrol will be the recipient of a substantial financial prize – Rs 8 lakh from Nexa – a resource that will facilitate the realization of his upcoming fashion presentation.

Synergy of Creativity and Collaboration
Shashank Srivastava, the Senior Executive Director of Marketing and Sales at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, highlighted the essence of Nexa Presents The Spotlight: a harmonious partnership fostering emerging talent and ushering in a new era of designers. Srivastava praised Sushant Abrol's journey from concept to realization for the Countrymade label.

Notably, Abrol's interpretation of this season's Nexa theme, Veracity, struck a resonant chord. The anticipation is palpable as Abrol's imaginative vision metamorphoses into tangible reality upon the illustrious stage of Lakmé Fashion Week this October.

Narratives of Courage and Vision
At the core of Abrol's winning collection, aptly titled 'No Man’s Land,' is the poignant tale of a soldier's quest for serenity post-conflict.

The distinguished jury acknowledged Abrol's prowess in encapsulating Nexa's theme of 'Veracity' through meticulously crafted jackets adorned with abstract artwork – a fitting testament to his creative narrative.

A Testament to Dedication: Nurturing Emerging Designers
Sunil Sethi, President of FDCI, reaffirmed the commitment of Lakmé, FDCI, and RISE Worldwide to nurturing emerging talent within the fashion domain.

Nexa Presents the Spotlight's sixth season stands as a testament to this ongoing dedication. Amid a myriad of inventive presentations from participants across the nation, Sushant Abrol's presentation emerged as a clear standout. The excitement is tangible as Sushant's imminent runway presentation awaits, underscoring the persistent drive to inspire the next generation of designers.

Honoring a Legacy of Creativity and Innovation
This initiative, which was initially launched six seasons ago, aimed to provide a global platform for emerging talents to exhibit their design sensibilities. With each successive season, this goal inches closer to fruition.

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