Apparel Group India launches four iconic stores in Pune's Phoenix Mall


05 September 2023, Mumbai

Apparel Group India Pvt. Ltd. unveils four new stores in Pune, Maharashtra, at Phoenix Mall of the Millennium, Wakad. The brands include Beverly Hills Polo Club, Bath & Body Works, Inglot, and Aldo.


This diverse selection caters to various tastes, spanning fashion, fragrances, cosmetics, and footwear. The company, housing 12 brands, extends its reach through physical stores and its website.

Phoenix Mills Ltd. introduces Phoenix Mall of the Millennium in Pune, a sprawling 15-acre retail haven spanning 1.10 million sq. ft. Hosting over 300 top brands, 50 fine-dining establishments, and a Fanpark for live events and screenings, it opened to the public on September 1, 2023.

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