Levi's notes Indians prioritize quality over price


26 April 2023, Mumbai 

Indians are no longer price-sensitive and are looking for quality products. The casualization trend among young Gen Z and millennials present a big market opportunity, particularly in women's fashion, according to the Indian office of iconic jeanswear brand Levi’s.

What all you need to know

Levi Strauss & Co, the American denim brand, is looking to expand its market in India by positioning itself as a one-stop apparel shop for young consumers.

The brand aims to become a holistic lifestyle apparel company by deepening its non-denim offerings, which is also part of its global strategy. Despite the move, Levi's will still focus on denim, as there is a largely untapped market for denim in India.

Asia, excluding China, led by India saw a 22% growth in net revenues for the company in Q1FY23.

Levi's historically had more male customers in India, the new positioning may help the brand to reach the next level.

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