Bangladesh: Country-wise RMG exports performance for Jan-July 2023


14 August 2023, Mumbai

  • EU Market
    • Export to the EU increased by 5.88% to US$ 13.97 billion.
    • Six countries showed significant negative year-on-year growth: Germany, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
    • Export to Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain increased by 11.90%, 16.05%, 29.64%, and 21.82% respectively.
  • USA Market
    • Export to the USA declined by 9.14% to US$ 4.97 billion.
  • UK Market
    • Export to the UK increased by 14.11% to US$ 3.10 billion.
  • Canada Market
    • Export to Canada increased by 7.74% to US$ 900.57 million.
  • Non-Traditional Markets
    • Export to non-traditional markets increased by 29.66% to US$ 5 billion.
    • Japan is the top destination with export of US$ 984.19 million, up by 48.69%.
    • Other non-traditional markets with positive growth include Australia, India, South Korea, China, Brazil, and Turkey.
    • UAE and Chile saw a decline in export.

Overall, the RMG export performance for Jan-July 2023 is positive, with the exception of the USA market. The non-traditional markets are showing encouraging growth, especially Japan, India, and South Korea.


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