Technological Advancements Can Help Apparel Manufacturers Stay Competitive


18 August 2023, Mumbai

A panel discussion on the latest trends in apparel manufacturing and the role of technology was held in Dhaka.

The event was hosted by Centric PLM, Intent 360, and Groyyo Consulting.

Key takeaways:

  • PLM software can bridge the gap between buyers and manufacturers. It can be used to share information about designs, materials, and production schedules, improving collaboration and efficiency.
  • PLM is becoming increasingly adopted by manufacturers. Buyers are demanding more collaboration, agility, and transparency, and PLM software can help manufacturers meet these demands.
  • Bangladesh's apparel manufacturing industry needs to adopt new technologies. The industry is facing increasing competition, and new technologies like PLM software can help it remain competitive.
  • The RMG market should transition to sustainable innovations. Technologies like 3D printing and automation can help reduce waste and improve efficiency, making the RMG market more sustainable.

The event was well-attended by members of the RMG industry. The discussion highlighted the importance of technology in the future of apparel manufacturing and provided insights into how manufacturers can adopt new technologies to stay competitive.

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