Falguni Shane Peacock present street couture

Falguni Shane Peacock present street couture

 29 December 2022, Mumbai

Falguni Shane Peacock’s new collection is inspired by streetwear fashion, art, and graffiti. The line is a newfound definition for street couture and presents the best of street meets demi-couture. The tailoring is an impression of sexiness and energy, combined with a chic coherence. The intent of the collection is to express a sense of freedom and an attitude of positivity and joy and deconstruct couture in a street-chic and conceptualized way. A stripped-back, reduced look defines the new street-couture language. The designers have incorporated eclectic tailoring, hip-length jackets with sawn-off sleeves, knee-length skirts, flare pants, and trousers reduced to slit-sided miniskirts. Couture techniques have been melded with athleisure cuts in the nonchalantly chic creations. Denim, knits, wool, fleece, looper, woven silk, leather, mesh and tulle have been used. Add to that the iridescent tendencies of sequin embroidery, chameleonic characteristic of crystals and gorgeous velvet chrome appliqué work on a bold colour story that runs the gamut of royal blue, midnight black, gunmetal and gold.

Highlights are the silk-woven, monogram suit with feathers, the deconstructed velvet suit that was cut into two pieces and used separately, and the crystal-encrusted athleisure set.

Falguni Shane Peacock’s wedding couture collection had Swarovski crystals flirting with intricate mirror work.

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