Indian footwear shows strong growth


10 November 2022, Mumbai:

The Indian footwear market is growing at seven percent a year. One of the fastest-growing segments in the shoe market is women’s footwear. Sandals generally feature on top of the list, while other categories such as high heels, ballet flats, slippers, sneakers, etc. are also expanding fast.

The shoe demand in India is backed by strong foundational elements such as the rise in per capita income and the growth in the middle class.

These days Indian households enjoy a much higher disposable income for shoes, apparel, and other fashion goods. People do not just buy one or two pairs of footwear but a complete wardrobe with various shoes for different occasions.

The monumental shift is not just limited to larger cities but also to smaller cities and townships. Most of the major footwear brands are now available in the country either through their exclusive stores or multi-brand outlets. This has resulted in greater awareness of the latest fashion trends, aesthetics, price points, etc, thereby further dovetailing the demand in a positive direction.

Another factor that is heavily influencing consumer demand is the rapid growth of the internet. With the exponential rise in the internet, consumers can know more about footwear with just a few clicks, learn more about the trends in the market, compare various products and accordingly make their decision to purchase or not.

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