Liberty enters premium lifestyle

Liberty enters premium lifestyle

12 January 2023, Mumbai

Liberty has been one of the favourite footwear brands of India for many decades. Liberty is successfully capturing the markets of Tier II and Tier III cities of the North.

In the south, Karnataka, to be precise, is the top most buyer of Liberty. There are several brands within Liberty, all of them doing well in providing their consumers with suitable, comfortable, stylish and affordable footwear. However, with the athleisure style dominating the markets these days, Leap7X, its athleisure brand for men, women and children, has been doing extremely well along with the Healers category in the recent past.

Liberty had always been perceived as a value-for-money family footwear brand but it is now perceived as a premium lifestyle brand characterized by the latest trends, class and good taste. Liberty shoes are retailed in 25 countries.

An interactive relationship has been established through periodic channel partner meets that has given a big boost to sales and greatly benefited the partners. The key focus areas for the brand right now are product development, youthful designs, manufacturing, marketing strategies and opening more stores.

One of Liberty’s top performing brands is Healers, which is based on enriching the comfort of the consumer by constructing the footwear with the latest comfort technologies. These technologies are primarily designed to provide stimulation to specific nerves and major pressure points. Healers are specially crafted to stimulate these particular points in order to improve the blood circulation of the wearer for specific body parts and increase the flow of blood to these areas.

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