Asics upgrades shopping experience

Asics upgrades shopping experience

09 January 2023, Mumbai

Asics’ new Noida store provides an upgraded shopping experience. It combines digital innovation, unique shopper experiences, and an unmatched product offering.

Spread over 1560 sqft of retail area, the store’s concept is inspired by the brand’s philosophy of asound mind in a sound body, which focuses on an all-encompassing spirit that inspires the athlete in every individual, affects the material choices, and guides the customer experience.

The store will immerse consumers in a world where both the mind and the body are stimulated and will offer a wide variety of running, core performance sports and sport style categories. The store also features sustainable materials such as FSC-certified timbers, recycled and recyclable materials, and energy-efficient lighting such as LED to reduce carbon emissions related to its operations. Multiple digital touchpoints powered by renewable, non-carbon-based energy, and the use of advanced technology which includes immersive screens and digital plinths, have also been incorporated to give customers a superior digital shopping experience.

Asics, a Japanese sports performance brand, will continue to develop experiential retail locations, adopting new materials and technologies to improve their sustainability while also providing a holistic shopping experience and service to consumers. Innovation, creativity, and design remain at the core of the brand.

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