Norblack Norwhite opens in New Delhi

Norblack Norwhite opens in New Delhi

18 February 2023, Mumbai 

Norblack Norwhite has opened a store in New Delhi.

The store features the brand’s latest collection of bright and bold garments, displayed among a selection of art pieces. The store launch party featured music by Digging in India as well as live art and an installation. A large tapestry made of an illustration by Toronto-based artist Rajni Perreira hangs in the store and a projector shows a time-lapse video of its creation.

This eclectic mix of art and fashion is reflected in Norblack Norwhite’s clothing designs, which play with colour and proportion.

Norblack Norwhite, based in Mumbai, opened in 2010. The label is designed to celebrate traditional craft techniques and mix them in new ways for a modern audience. The brand also retails from its dedicated e-commerce store.

The brand’s latest designs include patchwork style quilted jackets and layered tie dye garments to create a colourful and eclectic look.

In addition to designing, producing and promoting Indian crafts to the world, Norblack Norwhite operates as a creative studio that provides design and diversity consultancy, servicing and collaborations. The brand was born out of paying respect to the past, questioning the present and creating for the future.

One way is of developing fresh ways to re-interpret tie dye textiles and create awareness about how precious these underrepresented art forms are from an aesthetic, process and value point of view.

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