Indian luxury handbag brand Aranyani opens UK store


21 February 2023, Mumbai

Indian luxury handbag brand Aranyani has opened a flagship store in the UK.

The name Aranyani means goddess of the forest and the new boutique offers an experience based on the idea of a journey through the forest while highlighting the brand’s focus on sustainable artistry, nature and quality.

The 550 sqft ground floor area is primarily focused on retail — creating a calm and inviting space to showcase the quality and artisanal skills used to make each bag. And on the 850 sqft lower ground floor there’s a space for a VIP experience, allowing the customisation of the product, in a luxurious yet approachable environment.

The customer starts their journey at the forest edge as they enter the store, moving deeper under the canopy as they explore – this is a place of curiosity and intrigue with a range of bags beautifully illuminated on elegant, tiered shelving as if resting on the branches of trees. The space draws the customer into the central glade, a sculptural area of soft light that illuminates hero products on large slabs of British stone and Irish marble. The brand brings together the best heritage artistry from India and incorporates them on bags in a contemporary aesthetic.

Aranyani provides an inspiring and enriching environment for artisans and craftsmen to collaborate and create. Each Aranyani handbag is the result of their collective inspirations, talents and dedicated craftsmanship.

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