Pariz, metaverse for fashion & lifestyle for brands

Pariz, metaverse for fashion & lifestyle for brands

10 March 2023, Mumbai 

Pariz is a fashion and lifestyle metaverse to be launched that provides immersive and authentic experiences of shopping and collaboration through multichain technology.

The Pariz metaverse promises to offer an exceptional experience to users, particularly fashion enthusiasts, by bringing the shopping and socializing experience to a virtual platform. The Pariz metaverse is set to revolutionize the way people shop, collaborate and interact in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The launch will also mark the unveiling of MetaStores, a platform designed for the first cohort of fashion brands within Pariz metaverse. With MetaStores, fashion brands will have access to a global audience, allowing them to connect with customers and showcase their products in an immersive and engaging manner. The aim is to connect with a younger audience, particularly the GenZ market.

Trace Network Labs, a metaverse company, has announced launch of Pariz through its partnership with YourStory, a media technology company for startups.

Pariz metaverse would be launched at Techsparks, one of India's leading startup-tech events, on March 22, 2023.

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