CAMLA Barcelona unveils 10 new stores


04 October 2023, Mumbai

CAMLA Barcelona, the esteemed fashion powerhouse renowned for its unique designs and top-tier quality, is poised to revolutionize the Indian fashion scene with a sweeping expansion strategy. The brand's bold move marks a pivotal moment in its journey, aiming to create a broader fashion horizon.

Set to go

CAMLA Barcelona is set to inaugurate 10 new exclusive retail outlets, strategically positioned to bolster accessibility and embrace a diverse customer base.

With an established presence in over 100 shop-in-shop retail spaces and the online platform, the brand's expansion blueprint is meticulously crafted to introduce its exquisite collections to a wider audience of fashion aficionados.

Retail footprints

The expansion plan focuses on metropolitan areas, Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India, catering to the dynamic fashion preferences prevalent in urban settings. This strategic move deepens the connection between CAMLA Barcelona and its stakeholders, showcasing the brand's growing influence.

Akhil Jain, Executive Director of Jain Amar Group, expressed enthusiasm, affirming the commitment to delivering exceptional fashion experiences. The expansion is not just an extension of CAMLA Barcelona's footprint but a promise to weave a more diverse narrative within the ever-evolving fashion industry.

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