CityKart plans 25-30 store expansion by FY24


20 October 2023, Mumbai

Value retail chain CityKart is set to expand aggressively, with plans to open 25-30 stores by the end of FY24. To support this growth, they will invest up to Rs 100 crore throughout India, creating employment opportunities for 700-1000 individuals.

Each store currently employs 30-35 people, with a notable 15-20% gender diversity ratio.
Having already raised Rs 105 crore for their ambitious goal of reaching 300 stores by 2026,


CityKart currently operates 95 stores across 73 cities in eight states.
The positive response from customers has inspired their expansion efforts, maintaining a commitment to delivering an exceptional shopping experience.
CityKart has recently inaugurated its 94th store in Kanchrapara, West Bengal, and plans to open nine more stores, including its 100th store in Bihar, boasting a vast 17,000 sq. feet space.

Their expansion is fueled by a passion for bringing joy and celebration to customers across India.

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