IKEA India targets kidswear for growth


Recognising the importance of young consumers both globally and in India, IKEA India plans to focus on the kidswear category to drive growth in India. The retailer has seen consistent growth in this segment, spanning educational solutions, soft toys, and storage solutions designed specifically for kids.

Committed to responsible sourcing and use of recyclable materials in its products, IKEA India sells its kids’ range without any packaging, thus minimising the retailer’s impact on the environment.

Another priority for IKEA India is the development of omnichannel retail which helps provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. The company also focuses on affordability and high quality aspects of its products that helped it achieved a 61 per cent rise in sales in FY23..

Looking ahead, IKEA plans to open smaller stores to reach a wider audience. The company aims to capture a larger share of the Indian children’s product market by focusing on sustainability, localisation, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

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