Reliance negotiates with Primark to launch brand in India

Reliance negotiates with Primark to launch brand in India

A prominent player in India's retail landscape, Reliance is engaging in preliminary discussions with Primark to introduce the brand to the Indian market. This potential collaboration would position Reliance against competitors such as Tata's Zudio, Max from the Landmark Group, and InTune from Shoppers Stop.

Primark's distinct format, favoring high street locations over malls, sets it apart from other global retailers. With a goal to expand its footprint to 530 outlets by 2026, Primark eyes both new and existing markets for growth opportunities.

Reliance, boasting a vast retail network encompassing supermarkets, electronics, jewelry, and apparel outlets, holds a significant advantage in providing operational and real estate synergies to Primark's entry into India.

Devangshu Dutta, Founder, Third Eyesight, emphasises India's allure as a growth market for global brands like Primark. However, success hinges on effectively catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers nationwide, necessitating astute merchandising and marketing strategies, he adds.

India's evolving consumption patterns, once skewed towards affluent consumers, now present an expanding opportunity for value-centric brands. Reliance's existing ventures in the lower-priced segment, including Trends and the recently launched Yousta, position it favorably to compete with fast-fashion giants like Zara and H&M in India's burgeoning market.


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