Satya Paul unveils latest retail store in Mumbai

Satya Paul unveils latest retail store in Mumbai

Designer label Satya Paul recently unveiled its latest retail endeavor in thePhoenix Palladium Mall in Mumbai.

Spanning approximately 900 sq ft, the new store epitomises the brand's ethos of experimentation and boldness, a tradition upheld since its inception in 1985. With each retail outlet, including this latest addition, Satya Paul reaffirms its commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering innovation in the fashion world.

Marked by sleek black signage, the store’s entrance offers a glimpse into the distinct ambiance awaiting visitors within. Offering a futuristic atmosphere, the store’s interiors blend humility with progressiveness.

Characterised by smooth rounded edges and a soft pink concrete finish, the store's design creates an inviting and expansive setting. Utilising materials like glass and wood, the interior strikes a harmonious balance, allowing the vibrant apparel to take center stage. At the heart of the space stands a circular glass display, inviting guests to engage in a social and immersive browsing experience.

The store's meticulously curated selection showcases an array of accessories, from elegant cufflinks to chic bags, each presented as a precious adornment. Paul's iconic saris share prominence, strategically positioned to accentuate their unique prints and designs. Complementing these offerings are the brand's versatile ready-to-wear and athleisure creations, catering to diverse tastes and lifestyles.

Highlighting the arrival of the latest collection, ‘The Flower Wild,’ the store sets the stage for the vibrant spring-summer season.

The collection unfolds on soft, breathable fabrics adorned with the delicate charm of champas, amaltas, and tuberoses. European roses, steeped in historical symbolism, take center stage, their beauty accentuated by woven ribbons and silk tapes that pay homage to the art of adornment.

Drawing inspiration from Indian miniature drawings, the collection captures the essence of traditional gardens, inviting wearers to embrace timeless elegance. For those seeking garments that prioritise both style and mobility, this collection is a testament to versatility and sophistication.

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