Reliance's AZORTE store: Mumbai's fashion revolution


09 September 2023, Mumbai

Reliance Retail, a retail powerhouse, makes a splash in Mumbai's fashion scene with the grand opening of its eighth AZORTE fashion and lifestyle store at Infiniti Mall, Malad. Spanning 18,000 square feet, it's not just a store but a revolution in how Mumbaikars embrace global and Indian fashion. Reliance Retail's dedication to diverse retail shines through, promising something for everyone.


AZORTE stores merge smart retail tech with global and Indian fashion, from footwear to accessories. They prioritize shoppers with innovations like mobile checkout, intelligent trial rooms, fashion discovery stations, and self-checkout kiosks.

RFID screens serve as virtual stylists, while smart fitting rooms offer convenience. Human touch remains with in-store fashion consultants, ensuring an elevated shopping experience.

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