AATCC: Getting range ECO PASSPORT & ZDHC-MRSL Certified


01 August 2022, Mumbai:

AATCC Powder Detergents are now ECO PASSPORT and ZDHC-MRSL Certified.

AATCC is proud to announce that AATCC 1993 Standard Reference Detergent With Brightener (W/B) Powder and AATCC 1993 Standard Reference Detergent Without Brightener (WOB) Powder are OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified and ZDHC Level 1 certified! Now is your chance to help move the textile industry in a more sustainable direction!

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The process for AATCC’s certification included the following:

CAS Number Screening of the chemical ingredients- During the CAS Number Screening, the product components were compared against the list of harmful chemicals for the ECO PASSPORT (RSL/MRSL), which includes the SVHC Candidate List from REACH.

Analytical Verification-An analytical laboratory test was carried out to ensure that the certified chemicals can be used in the sustainable production of human-ecological optimized textiles.

AATCC worked with OEKO-TEX® through Hohenstein which is a certifying body for ZDHC-MRSL.

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