Ahmedabad textile hub hosts Lenzing's sustainability showcase


20 December 2023, Mumbai

Lenzing Group, a global leader in wood-based specialty fibers, recently orchestrated 'The Lenzing Conclave' in Ahmedabad, a renowned textile hub.

Emphasizing Lenzing's enduring commitment to innovation and responsible manufacturing, the event provided a pivotal platform for industry stakeholders to discuss sustainable textile advancements and future opportunities.


The conclave spotlighted Lenzing's latest innovations under TENCEL and LENZING ECOVERO fiber brands, with a particular focus on products blending TENCEL fibers and cotton tailored for the Indian market.

Ahmedabad's fabric mills and traders, stalwart consumers of Lenzing fibers, have significantly influenced end fabrics in fashion, denim, home textiles, and intimate wear, gaining traction both domestically and in export markets.


The exhibition showcased Lenzing's cutting-edge developments across major segments, offering a hands-on experience for participants to explore the versatility and quality of Lenzing fibers. Avinash Mane, Senior Commercial Director of AMEA & NEA region, Textiles Business, Lenzing Group, hailed the conclave's success in fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices.

The event affirmed Lenzing's role as a trusted partner in Ahmedabad's textile industry, contributing to the creation of high-quality, sustainable fabrics for global markets.

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