Donear Group’s Transformation


16 October 2023, Mumbai

Rajendra Agarwal is a respected leader in the yarn industry. He has a gold medal in Textile Technology from V.J.T.I., Mumbai. He is known for his vision and innovation.
Recently FICCI invites him to TAG 2023 panel at Mumbai hotel.
As the Managing Director of Donear Group, he has led the company’s change from a fabric textile company to India’s top Lifestyle & Fashion house. He has planned and executed the company’s expansion and diversification.
Donear Group’s Achievements He has created new fabrics, products, and marketing strategies.
He has also acquired two famous textile companies and four well-known brands. He has made Donear Group the leading producer of branded menswear suiting fabric with various high-quality fabrics. He has also ventured into the retail sector with three brands.

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