Revolutionary Zero Cotton Denim Collaboration


05 July  2023, Mumbai

Innovating Denim Aesthetics Responsibly; Advance Denim, Officina+39, and TENCELTM have joined forces to create a revolutionary zero-cotton denim collection.

Revolutionizing Denim

By utilizing TENCELTM Lyocell fibers, known for their sustainable qualities, the collaboration aims to showcase authentic denim aesthetics and vintage looks with a minimal environmental footprint. The collection will be presented at Kingpins New York.

Authentic Denim, Minimal Footprint

TENCELTM is dedicated to partnering with like-minded organizations to pioneer denim innovation, expand design possibilities, and reduce the industry's environmental impact. TENCELTM Lyocell fibers in zero cotton denim offer a softer feel, cleaner look, and enhanced moisture management.

Sustainable Denim Redefined

The collaboration between TENCELTM, Advance Denim, and Officina+39 embodies a commitment to sustainable denim innovations, striving for a more eco-friendly industry.

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