RSWM Acquires Ginni Filaments' Units


05 December 2023, Mumbai

RSWM Expands Empire, Eyes Leadership in Spinning and Knitting

LNJ Bhilwara Group's subsidiary, RSWM Ltd., has a major acquisition in its sights! With a binding term sheet signed, they're set to acquire Ginni Filaments' spinning, knitting, and processing units in Mathura for Rs 160 crore. Expect the deal to close within 90 days, pending approvals.

RSWM's Big Boost:

  • Turnover, workforce, and capacity are set to soar.
  • position to become the leader in spinning and knitting fabrics.

Tech Upgrade on the Horizon:

  • State-of-the-art technology like compact ring frames and advanced carding and combing machines is incoming.
  • Power infrastructure gets a much-needed overhaul.
  • Recoveries, productivity, and premium product variety are all set to gain.

Thinking Beyond Borders:

  • Expansion beyond Rajasthan promises a turnover surge.
  • Global customers are the next big target.
  • RSWM's industry dominance is about to solidify.

Eco-friendly and efficient operations are a key priority.

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