Texvalley's TAG EXPO 2023 ignites global textile trends


10 August 2023, Mumbai

Texvalley in Erode, the largest textile hub in South India, recently wrapped up the highly successful 3rd edition of TAG EXPO 2023.

The event, which has rapidly grown in stature since its inaugural edition in August 2022, attracted widespread attention from industry leaders, exhibitors, and buyers. The expo, held from July 24th to 26th, marked a significant milestone, showcasing the evolution of TAG EXPO into a global textile, accessories, and garments extravaganza.

Performance; With over 1200 pre-registered buyers and 150 exhibitors, the event demonstrated its rising influence in the industry.

TAG EXPO 2023's comprehensive media strategy, spanning trade magazines, digital platforms, influencer marketing, and traditional advertising, ensured extensive coverage.

This media blitz not only propelled the expo's success but also offered sponsors unparalleled exposure.

Well received

The expo's global appeal was accentuated by the participation of prominent international brands and buyers, creating a dynamic atmosphere for networking and collaboration. Emphasizing the event's forward-looking approach, TAG EXPO 2023 incorporated cutting-edge technology, including a dedicated app for post-event interactions, fostering enduring connections among participants.

TAG Expo's impact reverberated beyond the event's boundaries, bridging manufacturers and buyers, facilitating entrepreneurship opportunities, and contributing to the holistic growth of the textile and apparel sector.

Constructive platform

The expo's commitment to a seamless platform for innovation, trends, and business prospects positioned it as a vital player in shaping the industry's trajectory.

As preparations commence for the next edition in July 2024, TAG EXPO is set to expand its horizons, drawing an even broader international buyer base and solidifying its position as India's premier B2B exposition for the textile, accessories, and garment sector.

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