Trident Granted Patent for 'Air Rich Towels'


25 July 2023, Mumbai

Trident Limited has been granted a significant patent titled "Process of manufacturing a fabric with homogeneous pores" by the European Patent Office.

The patented manufacturing process

This pioneering invention involves the production of Air Rich yarn and fabric with pores distributed evenly throughout the cross-section, resulting in Air Rich towels and fabrics with exceptional qualities.

The novel fabric exhibits high wettability, quick absorbency, and easy dryability, and offers improved insulation by restricting the easy transmission of body heat through the fabric.

With this groundbreaking patent, Trident aims to deliver its innovative Air Rich towels, which outperform traditional fabrics in terms of water absorption and quick drying, to the global market.

Setting a new standard

The towels boast the unique ability to bloom after each wash, retaining their freshness and appearance even after numerous uses. The European Patent Office's recognition of this innovation reaffirms Trident's commitment to producing high-quality, cutting-edge products.

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