SIMA: Hails MEG's rejection of anti-dumping duty levy


02 November2022, Mumbai:

SIMA-a step in the right direction for the growth of the MMF sector.

In a Press Release issued here today, Ravi Sam, Chairman, The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) welcomed the decision of DGTR and thanked the Hon’ble PM, Narendra Modi, and MoT, Piyush Goyal for the bold decision taken on this front.

He has further stated that as the country started facing a cotton shortage, several hundreds of spinning mills, weaving mills, knitting, and garment capacities are switching over to polyester textile clothing manufacturing and thereby sustaining the financial viability of these segments apart from protecting the jobs of several lakhs of people.

The Union Government has been taking various pathbreaking policy initiatives and addressing the structural issues relating to raw materials especially MMF raw materials, fibres, and filament yarns to gain global competitiveness and achieve exponential growth rate in textiles and clothing manufacturing and its exports.

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