Booming India: Reliance Retail's Festive Symphony


25 January 2024, Mumbai

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Reliance Retail's final quarter of 2023 was a crescendo of success, fueled by a festive symphony across all segments. 

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Net profits soared like a triumphant finale, breaking the Rs. 3,000 crore barrier for the first time, a 32% crescendo over the previous year.

A Chorus of Growth: Enchanting India's retail landscape for years to come

This festive exuberance propelled overall revenue past the Rs. 74,000 crore milestone, cementing Reliance Retail's position as the undisputed retail conductor in India.

Imagine a vibrant Indian bazaar on Diwali night, bustling with shoppers adorned in their finest attire, exchanging sweets and gifts. Each store in this bazaar is a section of Reliance Retail, playing its part in the symphony of growth.

Secular growth

The grocery section, led by star performers like Fresh Signature and JioMart, delivered a phenomenal 41% year-on-year growth, a clear testament to the appeal of convenience and quality during the festive rush. 

Think families stocking up on fresh produce and delectable sweets, drawn in by the promise of a hassle-free and delicious celebration.

Much more

Fashion and lifestyle, under the baton of Ajio and other formats, sashayed to a 28% growth, proving that style never goes out of season. 

Picture dazzling sarees and kurtas alongside trendy apparel, captivating shoppers eager to dress up for the festive occasion.


Even the consumer electronics segment, powered by Reliance Digital and MyJio Store, plugged into a 19% surge, thanks to timely new launches and flagship models that hit the right note with tech-savvy customers. Imagine excited millennials and tech enthusiasts snapping up the latest smartphones and gadgets, eager to upgrade their experience.

This harmonious performance wasn't just spontaneous; it was meticulously orchestrated. Reliance Retail's strategic maestro added 252 new stores to its network, expanding its reach to an impressive 18,774 stores across India, ensuring every customer was included in the festive melody. 

Think of new Reliance stores popping up across the country, like additional instruments joining the orchestra, amplifying the sound of success.

There is a lot of uptick in the story

Digital and "New Commerce" initiatives, like platforms empowering local Kirana stores, continued their upward climb, now contributing a significant 19% to the overall revenue, proving that technology can amplify even the smallest voices. 

Imagine small Kirana stores, traditionally considered solo instruments, equipped with digital tools and platforms, allowing them to join the grand orchestra and contribute to the overall symphony.

Customer engagement reached new heights, with 320 million transactions and a 24.7% surge in registered users, crossing the 293 million mark, confirming that Reliance Retail had truly captured the hearts and wallets of the audience. 

Picture a wave of happy customers streaming through Reliance stores, their joyful engagement akin to the enthusiastic applause of a captivated audience.


Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, stood before the applauding crowd, acknowledging the segment's triumphant performance and emphasizing the company's unwavering commitment to enriching customer experiences through innovative brands and offerings, promising an even more captivating encore in the future. 

Visionary; Imagine Ambani, like a charismatic conductor, taking a bow before the audience, thanking them for their support and hinting at even greater performances to come.

It is much more than what meets the eye

Reliance Retail's festive quarter wasn't just about numbers; it was a testament to the company's ability to conduct a symphony of growth, driven by strategic precision, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of the Indian consumer. 

The curtain may have fallen on this quarter, but the melody of success promises to continue.

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