Arvind Fashions Revamps Strategy, Prioritizes Core Brands


08 June 2023, Mumbai

Arvind Fashions, a prominent player in the fashion industry, has undertaken a major transformation by divesting non-performing brands and focusing on core brands. The company's strategic shift prioritizes renowned labels such as US Polo Assn., Tommy Hilfiger, Flying Machine, Arrow, Calvin Klein, and Sephora, aiming to build fewer but stronger brands. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Arvind Fashions achieved impressive financial results, with FY23 revenue reaching ₹4,421 crore and a profit of ₹37 crores, highlighting the positive impact of their strategic decisions.

The Importance of Scale and High-Conviction Brands

The company recognizes the significance of scale in the retail sector. By concentrating on brands capable of surpassing ₹1,000 crores in revenue, Arvind Fashions strives to unlock real operating leverage, cash flows, and return on capital employed.

Their focused approach includes boosting brand growth, enhancing retail execution, premiumizing products, and increasing advertising investments. These efforts have yielded tangible outcomes, including robust like-for-like growth, reduced discounting, improved cash flows, and a return on capital employed nearing 15%.

Arvind Fashions remains committed to digital expansion, with continued investments in their e-commerce ventures, including They aim to strike a balance between multi-brand and single-brand strategies in the online space. Moreover, the company sees immense potential in introducing India-specific sizing for apparel and footwear, a bold initiative that can pave the way for significant growth.

Future Plans and Debt Reduction

To address its debt, Arvind Fashions follows a clear plan centered on scaling its existing brands. With year-on-year profitability on the rise and an asset-light strategy, the company generates free cash flows that will contribute to debt reduction over the next few years. Additionally, Arvind Fashions identifies white spaces within the retail market, aligning its brand extensions accordingly.

Expanding Horizons in the Retail Sector

They hold a strong belief in the footwear segment's potential, envisioning it as a ₹1,000 crore opportunity for further expansion and success.

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