Camla Barcelona Unveils Spring-Summer '24 Moodboard


Fashion brand showcases sustainable designs for the upcoming season

Fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders were treated to an exclusive sneak peek of Camla Barcelona's Spring-Summer '24 Moodboard. The event showcased the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion with a collection that features eco-friendly materials, refined palettes, and versatile silhouettes.

"We're truly humbled by the incredible response to our roadshow," said Mr. Ashish Jain, Director of Camla Barcelona. "Camla Barcelona's ethos revolves around blending aesthetics with ethics. Witnessing the resonance of our designs with the audience is both gratifying and inspiring. It fuels our drive to continually reimagine fashion."

The roadshow was enriched with insightful showcases of the season's upcoming trendiest styles. Attendees were invited to delve into the inspiration behind each design, fostering valuable insights and nurturing the potential for collaborative endeavors.


The SS'24 Moodboard is now accessible to brand enthusiasts through various digital platforms. The collection effortlessly amalgamates classic sophistication with modern trends, presenting a unique fashion journey.

Roadshow marks a distinctive chapter in redefining fashion aesthetics

The Spring-Summer '24 Moodboard roadshow has marked a distinctive chapter in redefining fashion aesthetics. By fusing creativity, sophistication, and sustainability, Camla Barcelona has further strengthened its influential presence in the industry.

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