Masaba Gupta's largest store elevates Bandra's fashion scene

Masaba Gupta's largest store elevates Bandra's fashion scene

12 May 2023, Mumbai 

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta recently unveiled her largest store to date in Mumbai's vibrant neighborhood of Bandra, marking a significant milestone for her renowned brand, House of Masaba. Known for her distinctive designs and unique print patterns, Gupta has established herself as a leading figure in the Indian fashion industry.

What distinguishes this new store from her previous outlets is its serene and understated ambiance. The sprawling space boasts daisy-adorned walls and grey-wash flooring, evoking a tranquil ashram-like atmosphere.

The Bandra outlet features two distinct counters: one dedicated to exquisite jewelry pieces and another exclusively showcasing Lovechild by Masaba, a brand extension that embodies Gupta's evolution as both a designer and an individual. This transformation reflects her transition from the realm of loud and daring hues to a more refined and soothing color scheme.

By reimagining the design aesthetics of her Bandra store, Masaba Gupta has effectively communicated the brand's metamorphosis and her personal growth.

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