Camla Barcelona AW'23 Collection


22 September 2023, Mumbai

Camla Barcelona, the renowned fashion brand synonymous with elegance and contemporary style, is all set to introduce its highly anticipated Autumn-Winter 2023 (AW'23) Collection.

This season, Camla Barcelona invites you to embrace the changing seasons with a collection that beautifully blends latest fashion trends and comfort.

Design Inspiration

Camla Barcelona's AW'23 Collection is a feast for the senses, featuring an array of unique moodboards that each narrate a distinct story through fashion. Among the gems in this collection is "Mineral Marking," a design inspired by the allure of minerals and gemstones, which promises to captivate your imagination.


Commitment to Style and Comfort

Camla Barcelona has always celebrated crafting garments that empower individuals to express themselves through their personal style. This AW'23 Collection is your passport to embracing the season with unbridled style.

“We're thrilled to present Camla Barcelona's AW'23 Collection, a symphony of style and comfort that's set to redefine your seasonal wardrobe.

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