Only launches Smurfs range in India

Only launches Smurfs range in India

24 November 2022, Mumbai:

Only is bringing a Smurfs collection to India. The Smurfs is a Belgian comic franchise centered on a fictional colony of small, blue, humanoid creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest. With quirky prints, street-style pieces and sporty silhouettes, the collection includes T-shirts and coordinating sets. The iconic blue character is in India to bring back some nostalgia and connect with the MZ generation.

This association with Only is expected to further strengthen Smurfs as a fashion brand in the Indian market. Only has always been at the forefront of bringing forth fashion-forward and limited-edition collaborations that have resonated with young consumers.

As a brand, Only has always believed in experimenting with something new and fun and is excited to launch the new Smurfs collection that is themed around nostalgia and self-expression. With a unique couch-to-coast concept, the off-duty collection is expected to strike a chord and evoke a feeling of joy among the style-conscious millennial and Gen Z audience. Together, Only and Smurfs have identified distinct prints that pair with both brands’ ethos, resulting in a collection that can be dressed up or down.

Only launched in India in the year 2010 and has fast become the fashion choice for millennials across the country.

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