ReshaMandi introduces Indian trend forecasting

ReshaMandi introduces Indian trend forecasting

28 September 2022, Mumbai:

ReshaMandi has introduced a trend forecast report which focuses on the Indian fashion business and provides critical insights into the trends expected to prevail this festive season and winter.

According to the forecast, biophilic hues and themes have gained prominence. The season will be characterised by opulent and positive tones that provide a sense of hope and luxury for trying circumstances. Colors would include classic blue, crystal teal, green jacket, love potion, rubocondo, orchid, jaffa orange, calendula, bright chartreuse, and star white.

Traditional saris such as those woven in the Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Tant, Pochampally, and Kota styles are likely to be more in demand. Small border/borderless, micro motifs, digital traditions, updated zari, scalloped/lace edges, and translucency are expected to be more popular. Motifs are dots, stripes, and checks, painterly florals, fine vines, cluster florals, birds and animals, mix and match.

Fabrics that are anticipated to rule the holiday season are soft silk, cotton/ cotton silk, organza/tissue, chiffon/georgette, and banarasi silk. As India enters the festival season, there is a renewed optimism and vibrancy in the air, which directly correlates to feel-good and opulent attire.

ReshaMandi, India’s largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibers, is steadily building the framework for eco-friendly apparel, fabrics, and home furnishing.

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