Archroma & COLOURizd™ Partner to Revolutionize Sustainable Textile Production


08 June  2023, Mumbai

Archroma and COLOURizd™ have joined forces to revolutionize sustainable textile production.

New standards for eco-friendly textile manufacturing

By combining Archroma's pigment coloration solutions with COLOURizd™ QuantumCOLOUR™ yarn-coloring technology, they aim to create high-quality, high-performance textiles that appeal to consumers while minimizing environmental impact.

Joaquin Femat, Director of the Printing Market Segment at Archroma's Textile Effects Division, highlights their commitment to safe, efficient, and enhanced sustainable solutions. Jennifer Thompson, CEO of COLOURizd™, shares the vision of a future where fashion is accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

An Eye on Sustainability

The innovative QuantumCOLOUR™ process transforms yarn coloration, using only 0.95 liters of water per kilogram of colored yarn. This represents a remarkable 98% reduction in water consumption and zero wastewater discharge. Furthermore, it decreases the carbon footprint by 73% and reduces energy use by 50%.

Archroma offers tailored system solutions, such as JUST COLOR, to enhance the QuantumCOLOUR™ process.


JUST COLOR is a formaldehyde-free pigment coloration system that delivers soft fabrics with durability while enabling energy and chemical savings and increasing productivity. Together, Archroma and COLOURizd™ are reshaping the landscape of sustainable textile manufacturing.

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