EPCH: Dileep Baid Assumes Chairmanship

EPCH: Dileep Baid Assumes Chairmanship

05 June  2023, Mumbai

Dileep Baid has taken on the role of Chairman of the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), succeeding Raj Kumar Malhotra during the 183rd Committee of Administration (CoA) meeting in Jaipur.

EPCH serves as the central agency for promoting handicraft exports from India, with exports reaching Rs. 29,426.38 crores and US $ 3583.52 million in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Experience is the key

As the head of Dileep Trading Corporation, a prominent handicrafts exporter in northern India for over 30 years, Dileep is a first-generation entrepreneur. Expressing his gratitude for the confidence placed in him, he stressed the need for emerging trends and design intervention in the handicraft sector.

This includes product development, innovative packaging, brand building, improved productivity, enhanced quality and standards, sustainable practices, and compliance, all aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Indian handicrafts in the global market.


Dileep has set an ambitious target to increase handicraft exports by 30 times by 2030, known as the "Teen Guna Tees Tak" goal.

Handicrafts Vision-2030

EPCH has also organized a symposium on 'Handicrafts Vision-2030' to facilitate dialogue among member exporters, addressing challenges, identifying growth opportunities, exploring emerging trends and technologies, enhancing market competitiveness, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering collaborative networking partnerships.

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