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09 February 2024, Mumbai


The pandemic ravaged the global fashion industry, but Bangladesh's garment sector displayed remarkable resilience.

Video Insights

Factories reopened with strict protocols, avoiding major outbreaks. However, the recovery remained shaky due to global uncertainty and new variants.

Beacon of hope

Vaccines offered hope, and BGMEA advocated for their swift rollout to garment workers. The Prime Minister's leadership saw expedited vaccination prioritized, even simplifying registration and offering on-site services. This groundbreaking decision protected lives and livelihoods.

Foreign buyers, professionals, and their families were included, ensuring smooth operations. Multilateral donors and foreign governments also lent support.

Historic measures

Beyond advocacy, BGMEA donated a PCR lab and medical equipment and turned its hospital into an isolation center. BDT 100 million went to the Prime Minister's fund, and ambulances were donated to hospitals.

This united effort steered the industry through turbulent times, showcasing both vulnerability and the power of collaboration in the face of crisis.

Context setting

Despite a challenging global landscape, Bangladesh's RMG exports reached US$47.39 billion in 2023, with 3.67% growth. 

This commendable feat shows the industry's resilience in the face of global import reductions, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical tensions.

Five Key Insights on Bangladesh's Garment Sector Resilience:

  1. Swift Reopening: Strict protocols kept outbreaks low, despite the pandemic's devastation.
  2. Vaccinated Workforce: BGMEA's advocacy secured prioritized vaccination, protecting lives and livelihoods.
  3. Global Collaboration: Foreign buyers, donors, and governments joined forces for smooth operations.
  4. Beyond Advocacy: BGMEA donated resources and medical support, demonstrating leadership.
  5. Growth Amidst Turmoil: Exports rose despite global challenges, showcasing remarkable resilience.

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