Lenzing Launches real-time Ocean Shipment Tracker


15 September 2023, Mumbai

Improved transparency and efficiency

  • The tracker uses AI and predictive analysis technology to provide customers with accurate real-time insights on fiber orders.
  • This will help customers to track their shipments more easily and efficiently, and to make better decisions about their supply chains.

Enhanced sustainability

  • The tracker also offers capabilities to improve the visibility of carbon emissions among partners.
  • This will help Lenzing to reduce its carbon emissions and meet its sustainability goals.


  • "Over the past couple of years, supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance of advanced ocean shipment tracking," said Thomas Panholzer, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Lenzing. "Our real-time shipment tracker is a testament to Lenzing's 'Better Growth' corporate strategy."
  • "Supply chain visibility continues to depend on successful collaborations," said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44. "Lenzing's shipment tracker, powered by project44's unique data and insights, gives unprecedented customer access to real-time information that locates shipments across the globe.

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